In collaboration with Arizona’s agricultural commodity groups, FRG will provide policy makers with up to date, applicable, and reliable information on critical issues facing the industry. In doing so, FRG will ensure Arizona agriculture remains a valuable economic driver. 

Water, power & sustainable use

Arizona’s agriculturalist relies on the sun, soil and water to create a wholesome product we all enjoy. Water in the southwest is absolutely critical and while agriculture is a large user of water Arizona’s farmers and ranchers work diligently to utilize every drop of water efficiently. Equitable access to water in Arizona allows farmers and ranchers to continue to produce the food and fiber we all enjoy. Many farmers and ranchers are still working and cultivating the lands of their ancestors, working to be more efficient and produce more with less. Not only are these farmers and ranchers the definition of sustainable, they continue to create resilient landscapes that will provide for the future.

The Arizona Farm and Ranch group is committed to spreading awareness of efforts in sustainability, water and soil management and more among farmers and ranchers in our state.

Animal Welfare & Husbandry

Arizona farmers and ranchers care deeply about their animals and take pride in how they provide for them. Animal safety, health and comfort are common concerns expressed in regards to raising livestock for food.

Farmers and ranchers make many choices about the best way to raise their livestock, including the different types of housing, diet, and overall management practices, based on personal experience, available resources, and more.

Well-cared-for animals are an important part of a safe and healthy food supply for everyone. That is why farmers and ranchers rely on the guidance of veterinarians and nutritionists when they make decisions about a variety of animal care practices, including housing strategies and the use of healthcare products to decrease disease risk and promote animal health.

The Arizona Farm and Ranch Group seeks to share insight and transparency into the way livestock in our state is raised, whether it’s for meat, milk, eggs, fiber or other products.

Arizona Farm and Ranch Group members are committed to protecting our environment. The land and our natural resources sustain their livelihood, as well as those they employ and their communities. Sustainability is a way of life, enabling Arizona agriculture to prosper, grow and remain profitable while preserving and respecting our resources. Sustainable agriculture balances environmental health, economic viability and social responsibility.

The Arizona Farm and Ranch Group seeks to encourage conversation, partnership, innovation and excellence in environmental stewardship and sustainability of Arizona’s environment.


Arizona’s landscape is unique just like its land ownership. Only 18% of Arizona’s land is privately owned. The State is responsible for managing 9.2 million acres. Arizona farmers and ranchers maintain these landscapes, which directly benefit education until a higher use is available. Arizona is fortunate to have such an asset that will ensure the future of this state.

The federal government is the largest landowner in Arizona, and allows for agricultural activities on the US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management lands. The regulatory climate to maintain a multiple use mandate by federal statute is almost impossible. The over burdensome laws and regulation create poor management for the land and our natural resources. This often leads to massive wildfires, unhealthy watersheds and poor conditions from mismanagement.

The Arizona Farm and Ranch Group is committed to conscientious partnership in determining the best management options for federal and state lands.

State and public land issues

First and foremost, Arizona farmers and ranchers are committed to providing safe food and healthy choices for everyone. Farmers and ranchers have continuously improved their processes so Americans can have one of the safest food supplies in the world. Farmers and ranchers continue to look for ways to make this system even better.

The Arizona Farm and Ranch Group is focused on ensuring a safe and secure food supply, healthy crops and reliable natural resources.

Food safety

“The farmer is the only man in our economy who buys everything at retail, sells everything at wholesale, and pays the freight both ways.” – President John F. Kennedy. This statement still rings true today for our Arizona farmers and ranchers. AFRG believes in fair taxation that creates a robust economy and competitive business environment. Creating a favorable tax environment will drive our economy and encourage a strong agriculture industry.

The Arizona Farm and Ranch Group seeks to nurture conversations that drive conscientious management of taxes impacting agriculture to ensure fairness, flexibility and financial stability for Arizona’s farmers and ranchers.

Taxes impacting agriculture