About the Arizona Farm and Ranch Group

Arizona agriculture is a $23 billion industry relied upon by millions of people each day. However, the industry is facing vast and intricate challenges including urbanization, threats to agricultural water rights, food safety, and environmental issues. To face these challenges, it is critical to establish an effective and united front; the voice of rural Arizona needs to be heard.

Amidst the burgeoning population of Phoenix and encroaching metropolitan areas, only three members of a 90-member Legislature are actively involved in the agriculture industry. In short, a mere 3% of elected officials are involved in and advocating for your livelihood. The Arizona agriculture industry must move beyond the widely entrenched yet outdated association model, unite at the Legislature with a common voice, and stay engaged if we are to continue as a viable part of Arizona’s economy.  

Founded by agricultural business owners like you, the mission of Arizona Farm and Ranch Group (FRG) is to provide a unified voice to address the agricultural challenges of today, especially those affecting rural Arizona’s viability and integrity.

As one who has served in the legislature, I can attest to the fact that dreadful consequences can result if no one is closely monitoring the proposed legislation for its impacts on our industry, our economic interests, and issues such as water, taxes, wildlife, and rural Arizona issues as a whole. We can’t let the environmentalists, bureaucrats, and ill or uninformed legislators do damage to our industry and rural Arizona by proposing/imposing legislation that negatively impacts all of us, our businesses, industry, and way of life.” 

– Bill McGibbon, Past State Representative, Santa Rita Ranch


Arizona Farm and Ranch Group was formed by dedicated community members who believe a strategically united front is required to protect the interest of Arizona's agriculture industry and pursue favorable regulation. Former Senator Steve Pierce has graciously agreed to serve as inaugural President. His service in the State Legislature, civic involvement, and personal investment in the industry give him the requisite skills and experience to guide FRG in accomplishing its mission.

FRG has a 15-member Board of Directors representing diverse segments of the agriculture industry including cattle, dairy, farming interests, and agricultural business. The tremendous knowledge and vast networks of FRG leadership will be leveraged for the betterment of the entire Arizona agriculture industry, and we invite you to join us.


If you believe these issues are critical to the future of your business and the economic viability of our state, please join the FRG by filling out the membership form on the following page. Let us bring your passion and your voice to public policy makers and advocate on your behalf. If we don't, no one else will.

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